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on 4/9/17
same day appt. fast service, friendly.
on 4/4/17
Always amazing service. Love the friendly staff. Always feels like home. Good honest guys here.
on 4/1/17
I've always had nothing but fantastic service at Premier. Everyone I've worked with there is great. I seem to talk with John the most, and he is absolutely fantastic. He's very honest and upfront, and I always feel like he's looking out for my best interests. He's very open, and when he needs to be, blunt about my best options, and with his suggestions.
My one small complaint over all would be that when I have multiple repairs to do, and prices are spelled out for most of the work, I feel like I may be doing the "Computerized Alignment" more often than I need to. It's fairly spendy, and at least on one of my vehicles (in the past) I probably would have done more work at once to avoid having to get that alignment done multiple times.
on 3/29/17
I only take my car to Premier Auto Service because they honest and fair with there pricing. Ron and his staff are very good at what they do.
on 3/23/17
I took our BMW there and I know it's a difficult car to work on but they did a great job. All of their employees are friendly when they answer the phone, they answer questions in full and so the average person can understand. The work is done when it's promised and the our car is already running much better!